♦ Using conditional IE classes in Sass →

This article on the (new?) [The Sass Way](http://thesassway.com) blog describes how you can “pre-stack” parent selectors in [Sass](http://sass.org). In other words, as you’re working on a selector, you can style a parent selector _above_ it using Sass’s nested syntax.

This is great when styling for IE with Paul Irish / HTML5 Boilerplate’s [conditional IE classes](http://paulirish.com/2008/conditional-stylesheets-vs-css-hacks-answer-neither/) — for an element misbehaving in, say, IE7:

.item {
  float: left;
  margin: 1em;
  .ie7 & {
    display: none; // WTF IE SCREW YOUUUU

(Marginally related: When looking for a “go away, IE6 users” message for our [new GuestDay web app](http://invite.guestday.com), we came across Microsoft’s [IE6 Countdown](http://www.ie6countdown.com/), which currently pegs Singapore at only 3.1% IE6 usage. Not bad.)

(Yes, this is how we do launch announcements — in a footnote of a marginally related post.)