♦ Updated Instapaper Article Tools user script

I was playing around with multi-site-specific browser [Raven](http://raven.io), and I wanted to use [Instapaper Article Tools](http://elasticthreads.tumblr.com/post/675433975/safari-extensions) for Instapaper, like I did on Safari and Chrome. However, Raven doesn’t support Safari extensions, so I had to use the [user script version](http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/59917). Unfortunately, that’s based on an old version of the Instapaper website, so it didn’t work as expected. Anyway, long story short (well, still unnecessarily long), I did up a quick fix for the script:

[Download it here](http://cl.ly/DJAo).

This should work with Raven, Fluid and Firefox with Greasemonkey.

(I sent a copy to the author a couple of days ago, but I thought there’s no harm posting this here too.)

♦ Penn-Olson’s About page →

This much-improved version omits that [terrible paragraph](http://yjsoon.com/2011/12/dont-tell-me-what-your-websites-name-means) about how they derived their name. One little quibble, though:

> There’s no office and no printing press, no whiteboards and no J. Jonah Jamieson.

If they had a [J. Jonah Jameson](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Jonah_Jameson), he’d have flung cigars in the face of whoever misspelled his name.

♦ Don’t tell me what your website’s name means

If your website’s name doesn’t make immediate sense, and you don’t have a good explanation for it, _please_ don’t tell me how you came up with it. Here are two websites with decently cool-sounding names, until you read why they chose these names:-

Asian tech news site [Penn Olson](http://www.penn-olson.com/about-us/):

> Starting the blog with just a few people was tough, so when we considered a name, we liked the idea of having some mythical partners to guide us on our journey. We created Penn-Olson, because blogging is essentially ‘penning ones thoughts’ and ‘Olson’ was a somewhat arbitrary addition, but it sounded (like) awesome.

I like what they do as a news site, but this paragraph just takes all the mystique from their name and throws it in the laundry.

[__Update__: Someone told me a few days later this para is gone. Good for them!]

Classifieds site [ST701](http://www.st701.com/aboutus.html):

> ST701 carries the initials of The Straits Times. The numbers “701” convey what the user will experience: 7 days a week search at the 01 place that matters.

The user will “experience” search _seven whole days a week_, guys!* At the _zero-one place that matters_! Thanks, ST701, now my forehead is sore from all that self-inflicted slapping.

Yes, this was written by someone who calls his company [Tinkertanker](http://tinkertanker.com). No, I’m not saying how we came up with that name. (Yes, that means we don’t have a good explanation for it.)

* I guess that’s better than a [social media account](http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporescene/smrt-lot-more-learn-social-media-063406182.html) that, until recently, ran Mondays to Fridays, 9am-6pm, excluding public holidays.

♦ Object Magazine →

[Brandon](http://sangsara.net)’s new blog of product reviews with not too much text and large, lovely photographs. An enjoyable and refreshingly quick* read.

* For the exact opposite, observe [MacStories](http://macstories.net): take press release for an app release/update, multiply the number of words therein by twenty nine, _TADA!_ an article.