♦ Updated Instapaper Article Tools user script

I was playing around with multi-site-specific browser [Raven](http://raven.io), and I wanted to use [Instapaper Article Tools](http://elasticthreads.tumblr.com/post/675433975/safari-extensions) for Instapaper, like I did on Safari and Chrome. However, Raven doesn’t support Safari extensions, so I had to use the [user script version](http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/59917). Unfortunately, that’s based on an old version of the Instapaper website, so it didn’t work as expected. Anyway, long story short (well, still unnecessarily long), I did up a quick fix for the script:

[Download it here](http://cl.ly/DJAo).

This should work with Raven, Fluid and Firefox with Greasemonkey.

(I sent a copy to the author a couple of days ago, but I thought there’s no harm posting this here too.)

♦ Middleman: Hand-crafted frontend development →

Just noticed that Middleman, my preferred static site framework, got a major update and its own website. What it is:

* Ruby gem running off Sinatra
* Allows templates, partials and creates pretty URLs
* Lets you use trendy-ass languages like Haml (boo), Sass (yay), CoffeeScript (wha?) and Markdown (all hail Lord Gruber)
* Supports great tools that have become essentials in my web development workflow: [HTML5 Boilerplate](http://html5boilerplate.com), [LiveReload](http://livereload.com), [Pow](http://pow.cx) via Rack, and [Compass](http://compass-style.org)
* And a bunch of other features I should probably be using. As with the HTML5 Boilerplate, this is a large part of its appeal — discovering new tools and best practices.

First version was a bit iffy here and there, but the developer was very responsive (even after having taken a break from the project). Now super awesome, highly recommended, blah blah.