♦ Axe In Face →

Dan Wineman on a naming issue he faces with his daughter’s favourite game:

> So there’s this iPhone game in which you defend a daffodil patch from hordes of rampaging Vikings by flinging a traditional bladed woodcutting implement. It’s called Axe In Face. When you lose, your guy cries a river of woeful, manly tears.

Three more paras, and you get to the best punchline I’ve read all year.

♦ iMessage doesn’t auto-detect other party’s iMessage capability

When using the Messages app on iOS 5 with [iMessage](http://www.apple.com/iphone/built-in-apps/messages.html) enabled, you should be able to choose a name from your address book, and have it automatically convert from sending a text message (green) to an iMessage (blue) when the other party supports it:

IMG 1559

For some reason, though, this iMessage auto-detect feature wasn’t working reliably for me — among the people who I knew for sure were on iOS 5, when I started composing a message, some turned blue* and some didn’t. I did some testing with my screenshotted friend Steven:-

* I realised my iMessage caller ID (Settings → Messages → Receive At → Caller ID) was set to my email address. When I changed it back to my phone number, auto-detect worked just fine. When I changed it back to my email, it went reliably flakey again.
* When Steven did the same, though, his phone could auto-detect for anyone, regardless of caller ID.

Turns out that Steven, who is insane, had added country codes in front of all his address book numbers. (WTF?!) So I tried adding a country code in front of a friend’s number, and _violins_*, my iMessage app could auto-detect even with my caller ID set to an email address!

I suppose this sort of makes sense: without a country code, the iMessage lookup server might not know where your recipient’s phone number is from, and doesn’t have your own phone number’s country code to fall back on as a source of information.

Anyway, possible fixes:-

* If you’re insane like Steven, add a country code in front of every single one of your contacts.
* If you’re lazy like me, switch to using your phone number as your iMessage caller ID.

* Nobody turned blue. Don’t call the cops.
** What? Violins are pretty surprising to me.

♦ A quick experiment with Siri’s reminder limits

So, to nobody’s surprise, I went and did my annual completely gratuitous iPhone upgrade. I was fiddling with trying to get Siri to remind me of something far in the future, and seemed to come up against a limit:

Siri limit

I wonder if anyone has managed to get reminders at a later date, and if there’s a reason why Siri’s math is off by a few days…

(Apologies to my poor hungry cat. I promise I’ll feed him sooner than in 859 years.)

♦ Scoopertino’s iPhone event liveblog →

Via [512 Pixels](http://512pixels.net/a-porta-buddha/):

> 10:19AM Better camera, check. A5 processor, check. Faster graphics, check. But now the killer feature…
> 11:26AM Face Detection for Animals! Schiller is so excited, he just jumped out of his iPhone costume.

Some much-needed levity for the Apple community.

(Also worth mentioning: The Onion’s short but effective [tribute to Steve Jobs](http://www.theonion.com/articles/last-american-who-knew-what-the-fuck-he-was-doing,26268/)… but that didn’t have photoshopped pictures of Phil Schiller in an iPhone costume.)

♦ Fantastic rebuttal of Kotaku’s linkbait piece on iPhone gaming →

No need to link to the original piece, because Craig Grannell has taken it down sentence by loving sentence. Usually, these per-sentence rebuttal pieces are pretty insipid, but Grannell _really_ executes this one in style. Helps, of course, that the source material is self-indulgent bullshit.

There’s a very dangerous sentence in this piece, though:-

> There are no good games for the iPhone at all.

The author is being sarcastic, of course, and listing some of the best iPhone games he’s come across. This list includes World of Goo, Strategery, Infinity Blade and Dungeon Raid, which have each cost me hours of productivity, so I’m terrified to click on the other links (Space Invaders Infinity, Real Racing 2, Forget Me Not, and Beyond Ynth).