♦ Abobo’s Big Adventure →

If, in the 1980s, you were blowing on NES game cartridges to try and get them to load, you _must_ play this free Flash game. It’s a loving tribute to video games of the era, with faithful–albeit, on occasion, hilariously wrong–re-creations of gameplay and characters from Double Dragon, Mario, Contra, Zelda and more:

I’m stuck on the Zelda level, but I’ve actually been re-playing it so I can finish the game and try out all the different levels. Me! Wanting to finish a game! This is new ground, people.

(Thanks [Brandon](https://twitter.com/#!/sangsara/status/152653884291162112) for the alert on the game.)

♦ Gabe’s kid learns MineCraft →

Penny Arcade dude’s son is seven:

> He is building and solving problems in ways that frankly I think are far beyond his years but maybe that’s just because I’m his Dad. Either way I think the “game” has been incredibly good for him. He’s learned spelling by making his own signs, some pretty complex math from using his furnace and smelting.
> […]
> His fascination with Minecraft has lead him to ask me the other day if there was “something you could look at that would show you how to make things in minecraft.”

There is hope for the future! It’s all blocky, though.