♦ Trollem Ipsum →

My favourite new lorem ipsum generator. [This setting](http://trollemipsum.appspot.com/?type=verge&length=confident) emulates the writing style of [The Verge](http://theverge.com):

> If you want an Android phone, this might just be your best bet, for this reason suits your needs so we would recommend this phone if you wanted this sort of thing nevertheless possibly, so as to it can’t hold a candle when is might be better than the iPhone, once only time will tell if it will be successful.
> Just pips the iPhone at the post, soon battery life isn’t great but not too bad either, whatever could be the best Android phone, overall better than most of its competitors as soon as just about the best in the main depends.

This, together with image placeholder generator [PlaceKitten](http://placekitten.com), makes you all set for some client-confusing design greatness.

♦ Slide design →

Zach Holman, who has to keep reminding us in this post that he’s _not_ a designer, offers some valuable and instantly usable tips on slide design. The concluding para, for the [TL;DR](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Too_long;_didn’t_read) crowd:

> I’m certainly not a designer, but it’s really remarkable how little design you need to put yourself far ahead of most talks. Huge text. Consistent colors. Less words. Worry about those, and it will already put you far ahead of the pack.

Take a look at his [building GitHub with GitHub slides](http://zachholman.com/talk/how-github-uses-github-to-build-github) for an example.