♦ Abobo’s Big Adventure →

If, in the 1980s, you were blowing on NES game cartridges to try and get them to load, you _must_ play this free Flash game. It’s a loving tribute to video games of the era, with faithful–albeit, on occasion, hilariously wrong–re-creations of gameplay and characters from Double Dragon, Mario, Contra, Zelda and more:

I’m stuck on the Zelda level, but I’ve actually been re-playing it so I can finish the game and try out all the different levels. Me! Wanting to finish a game! This is new ground, people.

(Thanks [Brandon](https://twitter.com/#!/sangsara/status/152653884291162112) for the alert on the game.)

♦ Best thing ever: horse_ebooks in comic form →

One gentleman named [Burton Durand](http://burtondurand.tumblr.com/) took it upon himself to translate spambot/comedy-genius Twitter account [horse_ebooks](http://twitter.com/horse_ebooks) into comic form.

For example:



horse_ebooks has become one of my most [frequently-faved](https://twitter.com/#!/yjsoon/favorites) Twitter accounts, and this comic adds greatly to the overall sense of mirth and bewilderment. I recommend reading [The Ballad of @Horse_ebooks](http://splitsider.com/2012/01/the-ballad-of-horse_ebooks) for some background on the account and how it rose to Internet stardom.

♦ Trollem Ipsum →

My favourite new lorem ipsum generator. [This setting](http://trollemipsum.appspot.com/?type=verge&length=confident) emulates the writing style of [The Verge](http://theverge.com):

> If you want an Android phone, this might just be your best bet, for this reason suits your needs so we would recommend this phone if you wanted this sort of thing nevertheless possibly, so as to it can’t hold a candle when is might be better than the iPhone, once only time will tell if it will be successful.
> Just pips the iPhone at the post, soon battery life isn’t great but not too bad either, whatever could be the best Android phone, overall better than most of its competitors as soon as just about the best in the main depends.

This, together with image placeholder generator [PlaceKitten](http://placekitten.com), makes you all set for some client-confusing design greatness.

♦ Axe In Face →

Dan Wineman on a naming issue he faces with his daughter’s favourite game:

> So there’s this iPhone game in which you defend a daffodil patch from hordes of rampaging Vikings by flinging a traditional bladed woodcutting implement. It’s called Axe In Face. When you lose, your guy cries a river of woeful, manly tears.

Three more paras, and you get to the best punchline I’ve read all year.

♦ A breakdown of the HP Envy design video →

Craig Grannell murders the HP Envy’s [design video](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6EBsZqCa-w&feature=youtu.be):-

> _You’ll notice with the product that we integrated a volume wheel that has what I call interaction gravity […] That is what pulls people into the product to interact with it._
> Unlike, say, the keyboard and the screen. Or perhaps they have ‘interaction gravity’ too. Man, my pen, which I just used to scribble a note, also has interaction gravity! As does the notepad! And my desk! And my chair! INTERACTION GRAVITY IS EVERYWHERE!

I also nearly choked on my drink at “I have engaged you, notebook! Show me your next level of design!”.