♦ Fun with SingTel’s website

Where by “fun”, I mean “mind-numbing frustration”. Same number of syllables, right?

So, my home broadband is up for re-contract soon. Cheaper! Faster! Probably not any better! Here we go!

__Attempt Number 1__, two weeks ago.

* Try to navigate through SingTel’s homepage to find the re-contract page. Fail.
* Search for “SingTel broadband recontract” on Google. Success!
* Find out I need some “OnePass” login. Search through my 1Password history to see if I have one, but only encounter a few _other_ different SingTel logins, which don’t work.
* Go through OnePass signup process. Log in.
* Realise that the page I get to is in Flash, which is disabled on Safari. Really, a store page in Flash? WTF?
* Switch to Chrome. Realise I can’t log in with Chrome—the site keeps looping after I enter my password. WTF??
* Switch back to Safari, re-enable Flash, log in. Success!
* Get to step 3 of the process, where they’re supposed to deliver something to my place. Can’t get past this page, because an option is blank:
![SingTel sucks, 1](http://desmond.yfrog.com/Himg858/scaled.php?tn=0&server=858&filename=z3f.png&xsize=640&ysize=640)
* Think, maybe it’s because they never tested it on a Mac. Try on Windows with IE7 and 8. Same issue. WTF.
* Give up, and write an email to SingTel to complain. Expect to never hear back.
* Never hear back.

__Attempt Number 2__, fifteen minutes ago.

* Wishfully think that maybe, just _maybe_, SingTel fixed the issue.
* Try logging in on Chrome. Fail. Fine, I hadn’t complained about that.
* Re-enable Flash on Safari, log in.
* Get to step 1 of the sign-up process.
* _Find that I am unable to scroll the bloody page._
* I’m not even kidding. Look at this [ridiculous video I made](http://f.cl.ly/items/3D2G0D3K3L0s3I012I2A/Screeny%20Video%20Oct%202,%202011%2010.15.57%20PM.mov).
* Give up and blog about it.

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