♦ What teachers really want to tell parents →

Found this article shared all over my Facebook news feed by ex-colleagues and other teachers. A decent read, but I was stupid enough to scroll down and read the comments. Ughhh. Here, I reproduce _just_ parts of the first one:

> You are underworked and over paid. Teaching is the best part time gig out there.

By the same commenter, a couple of lines later:

> Want me to come to parent open house and parent teacher meeting? Sure, stop scheduling it for 11:30am. It’s called a job. I have one. I’ll gladly meet you at 7:30.

And then again, a few lines later:

> Want to complain that you have to work some evenings grading papers? Cut the whining. There are no jobs that are 9-5, everyone takes work home.

I can definitely imagine what teachers _really_ want to tell parents like this one.

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