♦ Connecting to UOB Internet Banking with Lion →

Thanks to a nonsense Java applet, UOB’s Internet Banking service doesn’t work with _any_ browser on Mac OS X Lion, even with the additional Java software update installed. Java! So secure you can’t access your own damn account!

Luckily, one Justin Lee found a way to connect, thanks to an exceptionally half-hearted compatibility fix by UOB: just tell the UOB website that you’re on an iPhone, and it’ll happily let you in without its Java applet “security” goodness.

His suggested method is to use Firefox and download a plugin called User Agent Switcher, but you can also accomplish the same thing by [enabling Safari’s Developer menu from its preferences](http://www.apple.com/safari/features.html#developer), and choosing Develop → User Agent → Safari iOS.

(I vaguely recall another bank site having the same issue — Citibank? I’ll update this post if the fix works there, too.) _[Update, 15 Aug: nope, all the other banks I use — Citibank, DBS and HSBC — work fine.]_

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