♦ Fantastic rebuttal of Kotaku’s linkbait piece on iPhone gaming →

No need to link to the original piece, because Craig Grannell has taken it down sentence by loving sentence. Usually, these per-sentence rebuttal pieces are pretty insipid, but Grannell _really_ executes this one in style. Helps, of course, that the source material is self-indulgent bullshit.

There’s a very dangerous sentence in this piece, though:-

> There are no good games for the iPhone at all.

The author is being sarcastic, of course, and listing some of the best iPhone games he’s come across. This list includes World of Goo, Strategery, Infinity Blade and Dungeon Raid, which have each cost me hours of productivity, so I’m terrified to click on the other links (Space Invaders Infinity, Real Racing 2, Forget Me Not, and Beyond Ynth).

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