Yacht Agency Agreement

What happened?!! Well, it turns out that both brokers registered the same person. The buyer told “Broker 1”, his name was “John Doe”, while he told “Broker 2” his name was “Fred Bun”. So who is to blame? It turns out that you and “Broker 2” are suing for breach of your non-exclusive agreement. They sold the ship to a company, it turns out that the company is owned by “Fred Bun” and is operated by “Fred Bun” (the client registered by broker 2). You didn`t notice it when you signed the contract, but now it`s too late and “Broker 2” will successfully sue you for his commission. Definition “Central Agent”: The central agreement is an agreement between a shipowner and an intermediary that states that the owner will not sell the ship to anyone other than the person brought in through the intermediary. A person who enters into an exclusivity agreement may not sell his vessel to other persons during the term of the contract. MarineMax yacht brokers have access to robust advertising resources, including a sophisticated inventory and lead management system. When you register on MarineMax, your yacht will automatically appear on the following internationally renowned websites: Yachtworld.com, Boats.com, Boattraderonline.com, PowerandMotorYacht.com, Usedboats.com and Yachtbroker.com. Offers include excellent images, video tours and walking tours, as well as detailed descriptions for the attached buyers. As the world`s largest marine retailer, we have an extensive database of interested buyers with whom we share your yacht via email, social media and personal communications.

We offer national advertising in magazines such as Power & Motor Yacht, Marlin, Boating, Yachting, Showboats International and other of the best print magazines in the industry. A professional broker will listen carefully to your needs and help you determine if the yacht you are considering is the right yacht at the best price. Brokers can objectively inform you about the condition of the yacht before deciding whether or not to spend your time inspecting it. You will get and compare similar yachts on (and off) the market, the history of the yacht, how long it has been on the market and the seller`s motivation. Anyone can check yacht prices, but it takes a professional broker to know exactly what the current market conditions are, be able to get to know similar yachts, and have information about recent selling prices and time spent in the market thanks to industry resources that are not available to the public. Brokers will help their buyer decide on a realistic number that increases the chances of buying a yacht at a fair and reasonable price, and with the necessary elements to protect interests. Once this is done, the broker prepares a “letter of intent or a statement of offer” that the buyer can sign. This document will indicate the conditions of sale, including the obligations that you and the seller have accepted, and when these obligations will be fulfilled.

The buyer must then make a bona faith deposit on the yacht, which is usually deposited in trust and subjected to sea testing. A buyer of a used yacht will usually request a test at sea and the services of a surveyor. .

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