Collective Agreement Red Deer Catholic

(viii) The ratification of a collective agreement by the parties after August 31, 2016 terminated clauses 2 (ii) and iv), unless otherwise agreed by the parties. Johnston said Red Deer`s Catholic teachers have been working without a collective agreement for more than two and a half years and are one of only 13 jurisdictions that have not reached an agreement for the 2016-2018 period. (c) the judgment or settlement means an order of a competent court or an agreement by which the teacher undertakes to accept any sum of money which represents a past or future loss of remuneration, either by a lump sum, by regular payment(s) or by the purchase of a pension or one of them. 1.6 “Lump Sum Payment” means a one-time payment that corresponds to other one-time payments, sometimes referred to as signature bonuses. The “lump sum payment” does not expressly include the continuation or extension of the lump sum payments currently provided for in the existing settlement agreements between the boards of directors and the unions referred to in clause 1.1 of that agreement. 4. This agreement expires on August 31, 2018 and is not extended beyond that date, notwithstanding the fact that the collective agreement is respected by law. This Agreement does not apply to a general salary increase or lump sum payment for a transaction agreement that will come into effect after August 31, 2018. 2.7.1 The Association and TEBA may negotiate at any time, by mutual agreement, revisions of the central affairs contained in this Collective Agreement. .

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