Rbc Investment Advantage Account Agreement

RBC Investment Advantage clients are charged a royalty rate based on the total value of assets on each Inner Circle account (or on an individual account if only one person invests) for the current access, advice and service of Royal Mutual Funds Inc. On the other hand, a trailing commission is a service commission that is integrated into the Expense Management Report (MER) of Series A investment funds and calculated individually for each fund. If your investment includes a reconstituted commission, you will automatically pay these fees during your investment period. If you join RBC Investment Advantage, your money will be invested in Series F investment funds, which are paid investment funds. Each fund in the RBC Investment Advantage account pays its own operating costs. There are no sales or trailing commissions to pay for F and FT5 series funds that can be held in your account. There are no fees or expenses to be paid by you as part of your RBC Investment Advantage account that would duplicate all fees or expenses paid by the funds. Your account fee rate includes advice, access and service for Series F investment funds and is based on a staggered scale that gives you a lower royalty rate if you have a higher balance in your RBC Investment Advantage account. Keep more of your fortune over time by saving at lower royalty rates. When your individual or group assets increase, your account fees decrease3. Please note that all account data and personal data remain individually and separately.

To participate in this program and make the most of your investments, talk to a financial planner. Open an RBC Bank Premium Cross-Border Banking Bundle (a premium control account and apply for an RBC Bank credit card) and we`ll automatically give you a $50 refund. Work one by one with a financial planner who adapts an investment plan to achieve your goals. For paid accounts, account fees are displayed separately, making it easy to compare each other`s results. They may also group assets with family members and some professional colleagues, resulting in further reductions in account fees. With an account fee, you can save more and invest even more. Get tailored financial planning tips, pure offers for members and more. If you need help filling out the form, call us at Apply For a RBC Visa Infinite Avion or RBC Visa Platinum Avion and receive 15,000 RBC Rewards points as soon as you receive your card.

In addition, 5000 additional points, if you spend $1000 in the first 3 months, we waive the annual fee for the first year. We`ve found that you`re using Google Chrome. Be sure to enable Adobe Reader in standard PDF format to display the PDF file in your browser window. You can also download the PDF locally and open it in Adobe Reader. You can also participate with your family and some professionals in your inner circle, as long as the collective wealth is at least $250,000. All investors must be a Canadian resident who has reached the age of majority (18 or 19 years, depending on the province or territory) with a Social Security number (SIN). . We`ve found that you`re using Google Chrome.

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