Amazon Seller Agreement Uk

F.7.3 We may have an inadequate unit (and you will be presumed to agree with our action): a) as soon as we discover that (i) the device poses a risk of safety, health or liability to Amazon, our staff or third parties; or (ii) you have engaged in fraudulent or illegal activities; or (iii) we have reason to terminate your use of The Services with Immediate Effect, in accordance with Section 3, and are exposed to liability to third parties; or (b) if you do not order it to have us removed or to have an inappropriate unit within thirty (30) days (or as stated in the current program policy) after we have informed you that its removal is necessary, for example. B, because your use of FBA is suspended or discontinued or your seller account is blocked, terminated or closed. In addition, you will reimburse us for any damage caused, including the costs associated with the unsuitable units. “AMAZON SITE” refers to this website, whose main home page is identified by the WWW.AMAZON.DE URL, as well as any successor or replacement website. Third-party terms of service apply. Your purchase and use of shipping and related services are subject to conditions and other agreements between you and the carrier concerned or any other service provider. You are responsible for their verification and compliance. I`ve never created or tried another Amazon account. with the exception of this … but I have an Ebay account (c) Amazon reserves the right to request additional information and confirm the validity of the sales account information (including, but not only on your VAT identification number) from you, government authorities and authorities, as permitted by law, and you irrevocably authorize us to request and obtain such information from these government authorities and authorities. In addition, you agree to provide us with this information upon request. S-2.1 Sale and execution.

Unlike the terms of Fulfilment by Amazon Service (if you use the Fulfillment by Amazon Service) for each Amazon site for which you decide to register or use the sale on Amazon Service, you will: (a) buy, sell, fill, ship and deliver your products that are not filled with the Amazon Service, buy and sell your products that are filled with Fulfillment by Fulfillment by Amazon. , to be, in all cases, in accordance with the terms of the current order information, the present terms of service and the commercial solutions agreement, as well as all the conditions you have provided and posted on Amazon`s website at the time of ordering, and be solely responsible for all risks associated with these activities; (b) pack each of your products in an economically reasonable manner and ship each of your products on the estimated shipping date; c) obtain order information at least once per business day; (d) do not cancel any of your transactions, unless authorized in accordance with your terms and conditions, which appear on Amazon`s website at the time of the current order (the terms and conditions set out in the Business Solutions Agreement) or as required by the Business Solutions contract; (e) ship and fill their products throughout the country from Amazon`s site (except to the extent prohibited by law or by the commercial solutions agreement); (f) provide Amazon with information on sending, complying and ordering status and tracking (if any) in any event, as we have requested using the procedures we have designated, and we can make this information available to the public; (g) comply with all street-date guidelines; (h) ensure that you are the seller of all products and services made available for listing under this subpage, regardless of the other provisions of these Terms of Use; (i) include a specific delivery voucher for each shipment of your products and, if applicable, tax bills; (j) identify themselves as a seller of the product on all delivery bulletins or other information contained or provided in relation to your products and as the person to whom a customer can return the corresponding product; and (

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