A Customer Based Service Level Agreement Structure Includes Which Of The Following

33. The field of a version is best defined by: A The RFCs it fills B The number of updates to the OHS C Service Level D metrics The DSL 34 configuration. Which of these activities is responsible by the Change Manager? A CHAIR of CAB B The determination of the cause of a capacity incident that led to the development of a RFC c that establishes the reserve plan for a significant modification D, to ensure that a clearance has reached the CSi 35 of the objective. The Service Desk can serve as a point of contact for: C for the greatest possible service to customers and continuously improve it by ensuring that all services operate with maximum availability. D To ensure that IT provides the same standard of service at the lowest cost of 22. The implementation procedure for the SLAs includes the following activities: A Draft SLAs, catalog services, contract review and OLAs, SLRs project, support, external suppliers for parts of the IT infrastructure A 1 – 2only B 2 – 3 only C 1 – 3 Of all 38. Which of the following metrics is intended to determine the added value that problem management makes most important to the service desk? A The number of problems encountered B The number of known errors C The number of problems correctly categorized D The number of RFCs increased by 39. Which of them is a DIRECT advantage of a service desk? A customer service level requirements are set up B changes that take place are properly coordinated C All information contained in the CMDB is kept up to date. D Technical support staff are less often interrupted to process calls from users 40. An “unsecharged” cost is best described as: A Capital Cost B A kind of loading policy C An increase on costs attributed D A Revenue Stream Multiple Choice Secrets also contains these special bonus resources: – 17. Which of the following statements is NOT FALSE? Amortization is used to calculate how maintenance can be offset by tax B the balancing costs are staff costs since their high quality C cost centers are used to measure ROCE (return on capital) D Direct costs can be attributed to a single customer, service or activity 18. Which of the following is not an important IC type? A Documentation B Software C Order D Housing 19.

Where would information about software output components be stored? A DSL B CMDB C AMDB D CBD 20. The following activities are involved in the implementation of a service management function: Finally, it is important to indicate a reference for metrics in the service level agreement.

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