Wsdot Franchise Agreement

North Central [email protected] Region [email protected] Region [email protected] South Central Region [email protected] Southwest Region [email protected] Written Justification of proposed facilities that are a derogation from the installation of WSDOT guidelines, must comply with the WSDOT Utility Accomty Accomty Accomtymodation Policy, including wsDOT Manual Utility Chapters 1 and Chapter 9. When a utility proposes a facility that does not comply with the WSDOT Directive (derogation), the applicant must provide written proof (justification) of why the device cannot be installed in accordance with WSDOT requirements. The reasons for the waiver must be appropriate and valid. It is the applicant`s responsibility to provide sufficient documentation for verification and review. When a variance rationale has been received by the Regional Utilities Office, it is audited by several offices to determine if the waiver is eligible. Note that the variance verification process can lengthen the time it takes to process a hosting application. Incomplete variance alignment (lack of relevant documents and information) is added to the verification and processing time. For information on writing and processing agreements, please see the agreement manual. You will find WsDOT and advisor in the manual of use of the Agreement for Examination transmittal system (ART) (pdf 980 kb) to support the processing of agreements.

Contact UsUtilities, Railroads and Agreement (Interim) Manager Pete Townsend [email protected]├ętraction Jeanne Doolin Highway Access and Agreements Specialist [email protected] and Technical Support Connie Raezer Liaison and Agreements [email protected] If you are looking for the latest version of the Standard Form Agreements, please visit WSDOT Electronic Forms. Our WSDOT Railroad link supports regions and other headquarters directly in highway rail projects. If you are looking for active inter-local agreements, please visit Interagency, Maintenance, Railroad – Utility Agreements. Utility companies, railways and agreements (ARAs) provide centralized verification, technology and coordination services for national projects and initiatives involving utilities, railways and agreements.

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