Transfer Agreements Ccp

The College of Professional Studies at Villanova University welcomes transfer students from Community College in Philadelphia. Villanova University leads its region (north) in the ranking of the best colleges and universities in America. Accept gened-to-gened and core-to-core transfer agreements — after temple evaluation and approval — general requirements for the formation of approved associate degrees instead of Temple Base or GenEd requirements. Students who enter the temple with a recognized associate degree are identified upon admission or enrollment at the university and their completion of general education through a gened transfer agreement is mentioned in the records of the students concerned. “There was no way I would get there at a university. I had neither the notes nor the background. I wasn`t prepared for that,” said Byrne, a graduate of Frankford High School in northeast Philadelphia who attended the CCP before joining St. Joseph`s University, where she earned a bachelor`s degree in criminal justice. (She started caring a few years later.) “I went to Community College for two years and was asked to enter the honor program in my second year. Everything was designed to move to a four-year university. To better encourage and facilitate the transfer of students from Community College of Philadelphia to Temple University, Temple and Community College in Philadelphia, they have entered into the following transfer agreements: These agreements allow you to obtain an associate degree while successfully preparing you for a bachelor`s degree. Other benefits of the licensing agreement with DCCC/MCCC/CCP and Villanova are: Villanova`s affordable interdisciplinable study license has approvals and transfer contracts with several accredited community colleges in the Philadelphia area. More information on university transfer opportunities can be found below.

If you have any questions, please contact us. These would be agreements that accept an entire curriculum or curriculum, so that graduates of these specific advanced level associated courses are transferred to a bachelor`s program given at the transfer university. Use the following table to search for university programs and colleges of interest. As a general rule, it is important that the associate degree you are taking prepares you to enter your planned bachelor`s degree. For example, you would deserve your partner in Science in Biology to prepare for your Science degree in Biology. This is typical of the traditional transfer process and is followed by most traditional transfer students. Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are available to part-time students, in accordance with the transfer contract. There are three types of transfer contracts: dual registrations, core-to-core and program-to-program.

To be able to participate in these agreements, you must obtain an appropriate associate degree before the transfer. These agreements are not exclusive. If you move to a university that offers more than one type of agreement, the agreements may be complementary. The Community College of Philadelphia has agreements with many colleges and universities in the region and beyond. By acquiring an associate degree and then changing to get your bachelor`s degree, you save money in the classroom and increase your chances of success. Learn more about our transfer contracts. Visit Undergraduate Admissions for more information about Temple and the transfer admission process.

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