Simon Fraser University Collective Agreement

The University of Faculty, Librarians and other scientific collaborators team is led by Faculty Relations and includes deans and associate deans from various faculties. Collective bargaining between the SFU and the SFUF Faculty Association (SFUFA) is currently on a summer break and will resume in September. The members of the SFUFA and SFUFA team have been meeting since the beginning of May. Both sides remain committed to cooperating, cooperating and engaging respectfully throughout the ongoing collective bargaining process. SFUFA is the sole legal delegate for Faculty, Teacher Category Members, Librarians and Archivists at Simon Fraser University. As a trade union profession certified in accordance with the law, SFUFA negotiates collective agreement agreements that legally bind the university and members. SFUFA has both rights and duties with respect to the management of these agreements and the application of their provisions, and SFUFA representatives can legally represent members in any labour dispute with the university. To prepare for the negotiations, the university is required to submit negotiating plans for approval to the secretariat of the Public Sector Management Council (CESP) because they exploit all public sector human resources. The plans are informed of the SFU`s strategic vision, the academic plan 2019-2024, the mandate to negotiate the CESP for sustainable services in 2019 and in-depth preliminary negotiations with the Provost, Deans, Advisory Deans and Key Administrators, with the participation of the Vice-President, Academic and Scientific Relations.

The University of Collective Bargaining approach will balance the needs of each group of workers in the guidelines set out in the provincial government`s mandate. Starting in 2019, the SFU will begin collective bargaining with all of your worker groups as well as other public sector employers in British Columbia. This page is intended to be a source of pricing information for SFU staff and will be updated throughout the negotiation process along with faculty relations and human resources websites. SFU is the prestigious and respected institution it is today, due to the dedicated and talented faculty and collaborators who work here.

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