Peace Agreement Court

In another blow to Duque`s legislative agenda, seven of the eight constitutional judges agreed that a Senate vote earlier this month would be binding. 10 See z.B. Kristian, Skrede Gleditsch – Beardsley, Kyle, Nosy Neighbors: Third-part Actors in Central American Conflicts, 48 J. Conflict Resol. 379 (2004); Regan, supra Note 4; Stephen Stedman, John – Rothchild, Donald, Peace Operations: From Short-Term to Long-Term Commitment, 3 Int`l Peacekeeping 17, 25 (1996) (given the clarity of a peace agreement); Barbara Walter: The Critical Barrier to Civil War Settlement, 51 Int`l org. 335 (1997). 113 Agreement between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Irish Government, 10 April 1998, art. l (ii), 37 ILM 777 (1998), available from . 7 See the peace agreement websites cited in Note 2. 101 Cf.B. Robinson v. Sec`y state for N.

Ir., [2002] UKHL 32, available from [hereafter Robinson] (the majority decision of the House of Lords stated that the Northern Ireland Act must be interpreted appropriately because of the exceptional circumstances underlying it. The Law Lords (per Hoffmann, L.J.) called the law “a constitution for Northern Ireland, which was created to create a form of continuous government in the context of the history of the territory and the principles agreed in Belfast”; id., 25); Azanian People`s Org. (AZAPO) against President of S. Afr. Others, 1996 (4) SA 671, 125 (CC) (contests the establishment of an amnesty under the law of truth and reconciliation as a violation of international law); HCJ 4481/91, Bargil v. Israel, [1991] IsrSC 47 (4) 210, Available from , quoted in Kretzmer, David, The Occupation of Justice: The Supreme Court of Israel And The Occupied Territories 23-24, 204 n.23 (2002) (where the court rejected as unjustified a petition challenging the legality of the Likoud government`s colonization policy). 15 There are, of course, efforts to make peace processes more inclusive, see V Hart, “Constitution-Making and the Right to Take Part in a Public Affair” in Miller, LE (ed), Framing the State in Times of Transition (USIP Press, Washington, DC, 2010) Google Scholar. 5 I use the term “Constitutional Court” or “Court” in this article for consistency when I generally refer to a high-level court, although in some legal orders the court of last instance is a separate supreme court for constitutional matters. 53 Detailed texts of the agreements between Georgia and Abkhazia are available under A Question Of Sovereignty: The Georgiaabchkhazia Peace Process, Accord, Sept.

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