Military Bases Agreement Of 1947

In its joint resolution, the Philippine Congress fully endorsed “the policy and intent of Joint Resolution 93 (the United States Congress) and authorized the Philippine President to continue the negotiations mentioned in the joint U.S. resolution. The Philippine resolution, supported by the leaders of the current minority party, did not impose restrictions and did not obstruct the authority of the President of the United States to set up bases there. On the contrary, the resolution provided the full support and support of Congress and the President of the Philippines to the U.S. government`s program to establish bases for mutual protection. During the review of the situation, the subcommittee understood that it would be extremely difficult to grant the request for assistance contained in the Ambassador`s note of May 13, 1947. In the subcommittee`s view, the report and recommendations of the Philippine-American Joint Financial Commission did not adequately justify the extension of the assistance requested by the Philippines in the Ambassador`s communication. With the adjournment of the U.S. Congress at the end of July, the possibility of submitting the matter to the relevant congressional committees was adopted, at least until a new session of Congress in January. Even if Congress met, there was no unanimity in power that, in the present circumstances, the Philippines` proposal could be properly brought to the attention of Congress.

The agreement was general [page 1118] to the point that, even if Philippine demand could be, it should be reduced, if at all, to the extent of about fifty to seventy per cent of the philippines` original demand. The duration of the agreement is 99 years, subject to an extension that can be made by mutual agreement between the two governments. The stalemate with China and the continuing dispute over the Spratly Islands have led the Philippines to consider stronger military relations with the United States.

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