Equity Letter Of Agreement

Travel between WCLO theatres and, in certain circumstances, in theatres that are not signatories to the WCLO agreement are permitted. In most cases, meals and/or drinks are served. Performances are limited to 8 per week, with no more than two per day. Performances do not exceed 90 minutes. Visits are not allowed. University/theatre association contract (URTA). The URTA agreement includes four minimum wage levels based on gross weekly earnings and the number of benefits. This is available for colleges and universities that regularly employ professional actors and directors to perform with students. Visit the URTA website for more information on the task.

Western Civic Light Opera (WCLO). The WCLO agreement is used in non-profit music theatres in the western region. The equity letter of commitment is fully in force and constitutes the enforceable, legal, valid and binding obligations of each buyer and other parties, unless enforceable force may come into force under bankruptcy laws, other similar creditor rights laws and general capital principles that may restrict the availability of specific services and other corrective measures. This agreement can be used by commercial or non-profit producers for limited or unlimited races. It includes both musical and dramatic productions and is the only agreement with provisions that allow non-resident foreign actors to work in the United States. In June 2001, a plan of 401 (k) was added to the agreement. MassMutual offers financial services to help players save for retirement. The payment of Pro-1 is required whenever the actor must rehearse and/or perform in the city of “Point of Organization” (New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco).

For many decades, this agreement was negotiated with the League of American Theatres and Producers. Buena Vista Theatrical Ventures (Walt Disney Company) and the former SFX have each entered into individual agreements. Cabaret agreement. This agreement applies to productions presented in cabaret halls where the majority of the audience sits at tables. The League of Off-Broadway Theatres and Producers, Inc. is a party to two collective agreements, the Actors` Equity Association (AEA) and the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (DezA). Share contracts for individual members generally cover positions in three categories: Principal, Chorus and Stage Manager. The main command is used for all the main actors and most directors. The choir contract is used for actors who mainly do choral work. Each employment contract is linked to a specific collective agreement and contains all its conditions. The production agreement. The production agreement includes Broadway tours, both national and international.

It is also used for visits to major performing arts centers such as the Kennedy Center. As of the date of this agreement, the purchaser is not aware of any facts, circumstances or events that make any guarantee or guarantee from the purchaser contained in this contract or letter of commitment imprecise. No event has occurred that, with or without notice, delay or both, would constitute a default or violation on the part of the purchaser or another party in the investment commitment letter, and the buyer has no reason to believe that he will not be able to complete an insurance statement in due course to be honoured by him.

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