Bcpvpa Collective Agreement

Statement of Action: Ensure that laws, laws, regulations, directives, collective agreements and improvement agreements govern your decisions and actions. The first day of formal learning can be marred by fear and second instalment – but, despite the amount of stuff clogged up in 3 hours, I got out of today and felt reassured that our collective wisdom and experience will help us make better decisions as we move forward. I wonder when I`m going to unpack and digest everything we`ve tried today. I was happy to know that there are a lot of resources (including real people!) that we can look for to support our work – this alone removes a bit of the sense of burden that assumes the responsibility we have on us. I enjoyed the well thought out design of the day, which quickly happened to me, with integrated practices and applications. We look forward to seeing more tomorrow. I appreciated the opportunity for a small group discussion. During the challenge of the case study, it was useful to see the different approaches to the problems and how something could be either a problem or a dilemma, even because of the knowledge of all the information. -People`s choice is not a reliable guide, but it is important to be creative, to have a process, to articulate this process and to create relationships in which people who work with confidence in your decision-making, 2) For ethical decision-making, use the dilemma analysis model. Be transparent, get the information you need to act In the best interests of your students, and if you act with competence and competence, you deserve more the trust of your school community It was a pleasure to meet me and arrive at my members this morning.

When we discussed case studies, I was quickly reminded of the diversity of the contexts in which we all work, the opportunities that this offers each of us and the challenges that are created for us. We make so many decisions on a given day, some seem small and some seem big. For someone, every decision we make is big and important. It is essential to take the time to reflect, to look at the many perspectives and to work together on the decision-making process. We cannot expect all the answers. I look forward to the rest of the week! I am grateful for all the knowledge that has been shared today by stakeholders and at our breakage meetings. There is too much information to choose a climax: for me, it is a daily check – what can we do to ensure that all students have access to an education in an environment where they feel safe and supported. I really enjoyed the dilemma analysis diagram and the discussion about the `dilemma` or `problem`? These questions push to the right question against the right and fair and with the support of politicians and colleagues, it is more likely to lead with confidence. I really like a comment Terry made in the chat during the morning.

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