Australian Taxation Office Agency Agreement

You can download ATO Enterprise Agreement 2017 (PDF 1.11MB) in Portable Document format. 1.3. This agreement begins with the second part signing. The agreement calls for IBM to offer hardware- and cloud-based solutions, as well as joint innovation programs in the fields of quantum computers, cybersecurity and research, which will be put to death by the government as support for its digital transformation agenda. 2.1.1. “Agency” the Australian Tax Office. IBM`s local arm signed a five-year contract with the Australian government in July 2018, which resulted in $US1 billion for the multinational as the government`s “technology partner.” 1.2. When the Agency receives funds covered by the agreement under this agreement, the Agency`s resources are increased in the Annual Authorization Act. This is one of the last clumsy contracts awarded by ATO, with IBM already awarding $158.3 million in June for the ongoing support and maintenance of services for their existing software products.

The ATO is the government`s main revenue-raising centre, which manages and designs excise, excise and superannuation systems that fund services to Australians. We also support the provision of community services, with roles in private health insurance, family support and inter-agency assistance. Note: In most cases, the item of the Annual Acquisition Act is increased by the total amount received by the Agency. However, in some cases, the position of the Annual Expropriation Act is increased by only a portion of the Agency`s total amount (see item 6). We have specialized professional and casual needs for a number of goods and services that are provided on a national, national or regional basis. All purchases involving access to our websites or registrations are subject to strict security standards. All of our suppliers of goods and services are expected to fully meet our Commonwealth regulatory requirements and others, particularly compliance with their tax obligations. 1.1. This net ownership agreement is entered into pursuant to Section 31 of the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act). 3.1. This net appropriation agreement indicates the extent to which the amount mentioned in a post of the annual law can be increased taking into account the Agency`s eligible revenues. 4.1.

This agreement replaces all previous net appropriation agreements between the Minister of Finance and the Minister responsible for all appropriations covered by this agreement. 4.2. This agreement will continue until a new net appropriation agreement for the appropriations covered in this agreement is implemented by both parties. 2.1.2. “authorized revenue,” revenues covered in item 5.1 of this agreement. 5.1. The following receipts are eligible receipts for the purposes of this agreement: 6.1. Subject to the net financial provisions of the annual appropriations laws, it is not possible that the agency`s department position should be increased by 100% of the revenues covered in point 5.1. Note 2 This agreement takes effect through specific provisions within the framework of annual common law acts.

Therefore, the agreement is only effective if the relevant specific provisions are established in the annual appropriation laws. Note 1, Section 31 of the FMA Act authorizes, with certain standard provisions of the Annual Appropriation Act, the increase of a department position (or, in rare cases, a managed position) by an amount equal to the amount of eligible revenue when the Minister of Finance (or his deputy) and the relevant minister have entered into a net appropriation agreement. Note: In accordance with page 31 (4) of the FMA Act, the Minister of Finance may terminate or amend the agreement at any time without the consent of the other party.

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